Half Way Across the World


It’s true when they say it’s a small world. Never had I imagined myself going to Australia, especially not living there for two months. A country half way across the world was simply out of sight and out of mind. But it would seem that fate intervened. It’s not every day that you find a new relative willing and eager to meet you. I have to thank Italy again. I have an Australian “aunt” (cousin, or something, it’s all confusing) that my mom and stepdad met in Italy.  My mom was visiting the village of her grandfather’s family and my “aunt” was visiting her family for the village festival. As it turns out the two families are one in the same.

Two Italian brothers. One went to America and the other went to Australia. Two opposite ends of the globe. I can’t imagine they ever dreamed their grandkids would meet. But a few months ago I found myself on a 15-hour plane ride (and then another 10-hour plane ride) flying across the world to meet a long lost stranger who shared part of my DNA. I can’t wait to discover where my next international relative will be.

Australia Blog
Bells Beach, Victoria

Australia was my own selfish adventure…Something I felt I needed to do, but couldn’t explain. I was right. I learned more about myself in those 2 months than I had in almost 24 years. In Australia I was happy. I let my anxieties subside and let money stop controlling me. I rediscovered my greatest passions and found a better path for my future. Maybe it is a path that is a little less conventional than I had originally intended, but it feels right.  Travel can do that to you.

Who knew that I’d have to go half way across the world just to learn about myself?



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