Petite (adj.)- Often thought of as a woman who is short, small, tiny, skinny, thin, dainty, and many other similar adjectives. 

Petite. I hate that word. I do not consider myself petite. I am short, yes. I have small feet, small hands, and a young face (but that’s a whole other topic). But I am certainly not petite, at least by modern standards. Although petite technically just means someone who is shorter, it certainly comes with a connotation of being super skinny or dainty in today’s world.  I have played sports all of my life and have the body to show for it. I am not fat, but I have the arms of a swimmer and the legs of a soccer player. I have hips and boobs to match.

The “petite” that everyone tries to label me as just doesn’t fit in my mind. It feels almost insulting like they are basing this decision off of my height alone. They are trying to force me into a box that I will simply never fit into.



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