St. Pete as a Tourist

St. Pete

St. Petersburg, Florida is a beautiful sister city to Tampa that is just across the bridge. It is where the Tampa locals go to escape on the weekends.



It has a walkable downtown area with lots places to explore. Spend a good bit of time strolling along the water or wandering the streets before grabbing a bite to eat at the many great restaurants, bars, and cafes. There is a wide selection to chose from. Just follow your gut on whatever looks yummy.

Locale Market

St Pete Downtown Locale Market

One of my favorite stops in downtown St. Pete is Locale Market. You will find lots of local Tampa Bay delicacies and treats. You can buy meats, wine, spices, and cheeses for future meals, or you can visit the restaurant upstairs. It has seating outside. You could also grab a hot meal from downstairs to go. Take it toward the water and eat outside if you so please. They also have an ice cream and bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth.

 Dali Museum

St Pete Florida DaliThe Dali Museum is a popular stop in St. Pete. There is a discount for students so bring your student id if you have one. The Dali exhibit is surreal (pun intended). You can spend a great deal of time examining the details of all of his paintings. The other half of the museum features a rotating exhibit. You can check their website to see who is currently on display. Past exhibits include Picasso, Disney, and Clyde Butcher. There is a small garden in the back as well as a cafe and gift shop.

St. Pete Beach

Parking can be a pain at St. Pete Beach. You may have to find a garage and pay to park. There are a lot of hotels along the beach with areas that are supposed to be strictly for the hotel guests. Also alcohol is not supposed to be on the beach if you are not a hotel guest in a designated area.  Fear not, there are lots of restaurants and bars by the beach with outdoor seating, drinks, and seafood.



Tampa Bay Rays

Tropicana Field Rays

Baseball is America’s pastime right? You could stop by Tropicana Field for a Ray’s game. BUT there is a big push for the Ray’s to be moved to Tampa so this may not last long.

Tampa Rowdies

If you are a soccer fanatic, consider going to see the Tampa Bay Rowdies. Beware! The stadium where they play is a converted baseball field so make sure you scout out your seats before buying tickets.

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