Should you have a Bachelorette Party in Nashville?

After spending a long weekend in Nashville, it is no surprise to me that the city is one of the most popular destinations for a bachelorette party. Everywhere you go, you will see brides and their posses partying it up in the Music City.


The Pros of a Nashville Bachelorette Party

Party Barge Nashville Bachelorette Party
Party Barge

Because Nashville is known for its bachelor and bachelorette parties, the city caters to these visitors. They have a variety of “party bus” options that are basically made for bachelor and bachelorette parties. You and your gang can drink all you want while being transported around the city in some fashion. We did the Party Barge, but you could try the Honkey Tonk Express, Pedal Express, Pontoon Saloon, Nashville Party Wagon, or whatever fits your fancy. You will see a gaggle of tractors, trucks, and buses hauling the happy drinkers down Broadway at any time.


Bachelorette Party Broadway Nashville

When it comes to most bachelorette and bachelor parties, drinking is a main activity. The great part about Nashville is the abundance of bars in the same area. Broadway boasts many famous bars all on the same street. There you will find rooftop bar after rooftop bar with many owned by the country music greats. We didn’t run into any that had a cover charge, so you and your group can happily hop from one bar to the next all night long. If you are looking for something specific like karaoke or a mechanical bull, just do a bit of research ahead of time. (*Note- If you start to feel a little crowded on Broadway, try a bar just off the main street.)


Instagram Nashville Flower Cart

When you get a bunch of millennial girlfriends together, pictures have become a must. Luckily Nashville has some picture-perfect backdrops to bring in the Instagram likes. We have all seen the Nashville wings mural, but there are plenty more. We stumbled upon a few without even trying. There are also the super cute flower carts around town and the hustle and bustle that is Broadway. Be sure to visit one of the many rooftop bars to get a view of the Cumberland River.

The Cons of a Nashville Bachelorette Party

If you visit Nashville on the weekend, you are certain to see a lot of brides. While this can be great for bachelor parties (hello, all the single women), it may not be as good for bachelorette parties. While you as the bride will want to rock your white dress with your besties all in black, this will not make you stand out in this city. We got a private table at a restaurant, and it was bachelorette party row. Every single private table was another bride and her bridesmaids.  If you really want all eyes to be on you for your bachelorette party or you want special attention, Nashville may not be the best place for you.

With any destination bachelorette party in a big city, cost can be substantial. Because the Music City is such a popular bachelorette party destination, the price can quickly add up. Look for ways to cut costs and be conscious of everyone’s budget.


Music City Nashville Bachelorette Party


If you like country music, then yes, by all means Nashville is the perfect place to have your pre-wedding bash. If you are like me and you are clueless when it comes to country, Nashville may not be the best choice. Only one person in our group was a country music fan (and no it wasn’t the bride). This discrepancy led to one person singing while the rest of us stood bobbing our heads to the beat of a song we had never heard. It took some finesse to find the right bars so that our group could have a good time dancing to songs we knew.



Whether you decide Nashville is the right place for your bachelorette party or not, you just have to do what makes you happy. Don’t get too caught up in the details and enjoy your time with your girlfriends.





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