A Year of Wandering in Review


25! How fast 24 went by. My 24th year on this earth was 365 days filled with adventure and more traveling than ever before.

In the past year, I have ventured around Scotland; spent a day frozen in Philadelphia; lived in Australia; visited San Francisco and the neighboring vineyards; hiked Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon; finally explored Tampa as a tourist, cheered in Nashville for a bachelorette party, and will spend my birthday weekend wandering around Chicago. Not to mention, I still have a move to Fort Lauderdale in October, a wedding to celebrate in Cancun in November; and Christmas carols to sing in the Virgin Islands in December.

It has been a nonstop whirlwind of adventures that will last until 2018 comes to an end.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

UK Travel Telephone BoothIn Scotland I spent 10 days exploring the country. I was able to see the cultural centers of Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as travel through the beautiful countryside with a Scotland native as my tour guide. I felt like I had fallen into Hogwarts at Glasgow University. I watched rivals England and Scotland face off in a rowdy bar.  I walked the Royal Mile and climbed Carlton Hill in Edinburgh in the rain.  I saw two castles and searched (without luck) for Nessie.

I spent a single-digit winter day in Philadelphia. My boyfriend and I froze as we waiting to see the Liberty Bell and wandered around Independence Hall. We had some killer food at Reading Terminal Market and numbly walked around the city center.

Travel Year Melbourne AustraliaI fell in love with the land down under. I got to live half way across the globe in Melbourne, Australia even if it was just for two short months. I spent some time in Geelong with a long-lost cousin. I walked across the bridge and touched the Sydney Opera House. I saw kangaroos and famous surf beaches along the Great Ocean Road. I made friends from around the world. I got to live and fall in love with the Most Livable City in The Word, but I wasn’t done. 

I visited the San Francisco area for a weekend. While I only had one day in the Foggy City itself, I felt at home immediately.  I walked up and down the hills so much, I broke my shoe. I celebrated a wedding at Wente Vineyards and met up with a friend I had met in Melbourne.

Bryce Canyon National Park Travel
Bryce Canyon

I took an RV trip through the deserts of Arizona and Utah. We hiked our way through Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon North Rim. We ventured through the heat to Sedona and Route 66.

I showed my sister around Tampa and St. Pete as I finally took the time to be a tourist in the city I have called home for six years. We wandered around choosing to go in whatever direction we so pleased. We saw alligators sunning themselves in the hot summer rays.

I ventured to Nashville for a friend’s bachelorette party. We made our way up and down Broadway and hopped from rooftop bar to rooftop bar. We watched our bride ride a mechanical bull and took pictures in front of wall murals.

Deep Dish Pizza Travel Chicago
Giordano’s Deep Dish

I flew to Chicago to celebrate the end of my adventurous year. It seemed only fitting that I bring in 25 with another trip. I cheered on a USF win with my best friend from college. I wandered around the city alone and then again with my friend. I scarfed down some deep dish pizza and visited the bean.

I don’t ever want it to stop. I want 25 to be a year of even more adventures and even more wandering. I want to get lost in the world #collectingsouvenirshotglasses.

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