cliff jumping sign

Cliff Jumping in Italy

When I was in the Amalfi Coast in Italy, my friends and I wandered to a deserted beach. With the clear blue water in front of us and the rocky cliffs around us, the idea of cliff jumping easily came to mind. After a bit of time had passed, the most adventurous in our group spotted the path to the top of the cliff walls. Before I realized what I was doing, I found myself climbing up the ledge following the other few who dared to venture to the top. As an incredibly fearful person who doesn’t like heights, peer pressure was a big motivating factor. We all started at the bottom and worked our way up.

I could feel fear taking over and the adrenaline pumping through my veins.

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anxiety and fear

Fears versus Anxiety

My Fears Vs. My Anxiety

While they may seem the same, to a person with anxiety, the difference between fear versus anxiety are huge. My fears occur naturally all of the time, but my anxiety occurs during unusually mundane situations.

As a guest at my friend’s wedding, I was suddenly stricken by anxiety’s unforgiving grip. I felt the need to run away and escape. My wedding guest anxiety flipped on and off throughout the night. In contrast to this wedding, I was a bridesmaid in another wedding and feared for the worst since my anxiety had hit me so hard at the last wedding.

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Tips for Interviews with Anxiety

Surviving A Job Interview With Anxiety

As someone who has always suffered from anxiety, I can tell you that I dread job interviews. They would literally keep me up at night. When I graduated from college and began my search for my first “big girl job,” every interview was a torturous 30 minutes where I felt like my anxiety had complete control.

After quite a few horrible (and I mean horrible)  interviews, I got serious and figured out a few tricks to help keep my anxiety at bay. I went from a stuttering nervous idiot to “nailing the interview” according to my last employer. I’d like to pass on my knowledge because no one should let their anxiety stop them from getting their dream job. Continue reading “Surviving A Job Interview With Anxiety”