Hiking in Flagstaff and Sedona

Flagstaff, Route 66, & Sedona- DAY 5 & 6


A’a Trail- Easy, 0.2 miles

Lenox Canyon Trail- Moderate, 1.5 miles

After spending the 4th of July in the small town of Kaibab, Arizona, we made our way toward Flagstaff. After setting up the RV, we decided it was time for a hike.

Hiking Sunset Crater Volcano National Park
A’a Trail

After surveying the nearby area, we went to the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. We decided to start by “hiking” the A’a Trail. It’s really more of a casual stroll than a hike. You will wind your way through the lava field and take in the black formations along the path. Stop and press your foot on some of the small groups of rock. It has some give and feels like rubber.


After wandering through the lava trail, we crossed the street to hike the Lenox Crater Trail. The path itself is ashy, and it can be hard to get a good grip on the uphill trek. Walking sticks can be helpful for this portion.

Travel to Arizona Hiking Flagstaff
Lenox Crater Trail

When you wind your way up toward the top, you will find yourself peering at an all black ash field on the other side. The black soil makes perfect circles around the trees in the field almost as if it were purposely landscaped that way. It is certainly a unique view to behold.

Route 66

Small Town Route 66 Arizona
Williams, Arizona

That night we drove to the town of Williams on Route 66 for dinner. The town itself is exactly what I imagined, mimicking the small town in the movie Cars. It has lots of cute shops and really leans into the Route 66 theme. You can find lots of unique souvenirs. As the sun started to set and our stomachs grumbled, we ventured off in search of dinner. We settled on Station 66 Italian Bistro. I had been craving a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs, so I was more than satisfied with my meal.

The end of our dinner was interrupted by two cowboys Continue reading “Flagstaff, Route 66, & Sedona- DAY 5 & 6”